Diana Turner-Forte

Chicago Ballet
BalletMet Columbus
Des Moines Ballet
San Diego Ballet
Taller Coreográfico de la UNAM

Photo via Tim Sawyer.
Diana Turner-Forte is a former member of Chicago Ballet, BalletMet Columbus, Des Moines Ballet, San Diego Ballet, and the Taller Coreográfico de la UNAM.
She has taught ballet at BalletMet Columbus, Baltimore School for the Arts, and the Virginia School for the Arts.
Turner-Forte received her BA in dance, dance theory, and anatomy from Capital University and Master’s in dance theory from Antioch University. She has a certificate in ballet instruction from the Royal Academy of Dance in London and a license in teaching the “Silver Swans” program, in which ballet serves as a form of therapy for older adults. Turner-Forte is also trained in “somatic, kinesthetic and holistic brain-body integration modalities” and holds the 2009 Piney Award for Excellence in Dance.
Turner-Forte founded the Choreographic Institute of North Carolina, which trains students in classical ballet.

Additionally, Turner-Forte has published Letters to Amelia and a poetry book entitled A Feather in the Wind: Poetry for the Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul.





Photo via Kosmos Journal.

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