Tammy Hurt

Capitol Ballet
Adrain Bolton Dance Company

Tammy Hurt • Joy of MotionWashington-native Tammy Hurt joined the Capitol Ballet after training with Doris Jones and Claire Haywood at the Jones-Haywood School of Ballet. With the Capitol Ballet, Hurt played the title role in Billy Wilson’s Rosa; her other repertoire included Hinton Battle’s Hinty and Doris Jones’ Rhapsody in Blue. She has also performed with the Adrain Bolton Dance Company and has worked with choreographers such as Louis Johnson and George Faison. At the 2000 D.C. Dances on the Millenium Stage international conference, Hurt and her partner were described as “strong dancers and charismatic performers.”

While serving as director of the Jones-Haywood School of Ballet, Hurt choreographed Black Heritage and The Nut-Kracker. She has also taught and choreographed for the Duke Ellington School of the Arts, Howard University, Joy of Motion Dance Center, and The Washington School of Ballet.


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