Rafael Ferreras    

Ballet Memphis- (2001)

Tulsa Ballet

Hartford Ballet

New Jersey Ballet

Elisa Monte Dance

Metropolitan Opera Ballet

Rafael Ferreras  received his ballet training in New York with Dance Theatre of Harlem and Joffrey Ballet. Memphis audiences know him for his lead roles in Steven McMahon’s Romeo and Juliet, in Mark Godden’s Firebird and Midsummer Night’s Dream as well as in Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, and Dracula. He also performed in Trey McIntyre’s Memphis, The Naughty Boy, Touched, Second Before The Ground and High Lonesome. He danced in Dana Tai Soon Burgess’s Venetian Reflections, in Mark Godden’s Angels in the Architecture, and in Steven McMahon’s The Royal We and Peter Pan. His first mainstage ballet choreographed for Ballet Memphis, Politics, debuted in 2014.  He also has danced with Tulsa Ballet, Hartford Ballet, New Jersey Ballet, Elisa Monte Dance and the Metropolitan Opera Ballet. Rafael joined the Company in 2001.










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