And Still they Rose: The Legacy of Black Philadelphians in Ballet is the inaugural digital installation the production which was made possible due to the generous support  of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Their support enabled MoBBallet to present the fullest vision of what we endeavor to do. For that I am very grateful. Thank you Bahia Ramos for seeing the value in this project and being my guide…

I have to thank, and bow down to the women in this series:

Joan Myers Brown (Aunt Joan) who I have known since I was 3! Her support and encouragement from day one was fuel for me. It is ironically fitting that my love affair with dance starting at Philadelphia School for the Dance Arts where Marion Cuyjet told my father that I had what it took to be a ballet dancer.

Judith Jamison, there are no words… the fact that she knows who I am still astonishes me! When I told her my ideal for MoBBallet she was enthusiastically supportive and availed herself to me. It was an honor to work under her at the Ailey School, and an honor to be able to share with the world this particular part of her story.

And Delores Browne whose class I took once in Philly and was terrified! It has been pleasure to spend time with, and get to know her more deeply. She has been abundantly generous with her time, knowledge and her memories. I am so delighted to call her “friend”

I would like to thank Judy Cuyjet Miss. Marion’s daughter, who is so like her mother it takes me back. She has the most wonderfully delightful spirit, her enthusiasm at speaking about her mother and the days of the Judimar school was infectious! Being with her transported me back in time. She embodies her mother’s spirit and panache for the theatrical!


There are a number of individuals who passionately believed in both me, and the vision of MoBBallet. I would like to  acknowledge and thank them here:

Mr. Darrell Dean Bowles who was there from the very beginning who endured all my mental and emotional toil and trouble and was a friend to my mind, and soothed my soul through it all. My Buber (Boyfriend Uber)

April Megan, Donald Byrd, Camille A. Brown and Christian Von Howard whose friendship, support and above all HONESTY I could not do without. They keep me grounded while lifting me up. They have more faith and belief in me then I do in myself at times. My Ride or Dies!

NONE of this would be possible or as beautiful without the genius of Natasha Hulme, and Lux55. She is my long time friend (CAPA High) and website fairy godmother, her dedication, vision, and unwavering loyalty, astonish me daily. I am not worthy.

Thank you Dr. Joselli Audain Deans, Black Ballerina and historian who has been an historical anchor for MoBBallet. She generously shared her knowledge and work with MoBBallet. Dance Theatre of Harlem Sisters for life! Thank you for having my back and bringing the knowledge.

I would like to thank Antoinette Pole for her support and introducing me to Roberta Friedman, Dan Lowenthal and their Magic Circle Productions. I would like to thank them for the consultation, patience and professionalism. It is because of their expertise that these profiles are as beautiful as they are. Thanks to Michele Zarbafian for making editing a joy!

Those Artist Pages and Timeline did not write themselves! Thank you Madeline Crawford for being so diligent and focused (even when I could not be) Jhelan Salaam- Gordan, Jenny Bolstrom, Bryanna Bradley, and Kjirsten Nelson, for researching and coded page after page!

I want to thank my old school Dance Magazine gals: Jenny Stahl for all of her support and for giving my voice a space on, Khara Hanlon for reconnecting my with Emily Theys who did an amazing job editing and shaping these important essays. Thank you!!

Photographer Eva Mueller, who has been a friend and collaborator for decades, thank you for taking such wonderful portraits (in less than optimal conditions). You are just always game! I love that, and I adore you!

Thank you to Leslie Willis at The Blockson Collection at Temple University for her patience, time and effort, you have been an unexpected blessing and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Finally  to My dear sweet Snowflake, Renata Mond Horowitz, who is not here to see this come to fruition but has been with me every step of the way, you are missed…Thank you for bring me to Ari Feldman and Amie Gross for supporting me because they loved her.

Adagio, no. 3 from Piano Pieces, S. 192 used in the digital installation was performed by Radek Materka

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