Title: Joan Myers Brown & the Audacious Hope of The Black Ballerina: a Biohistory of American Performance
Palgrave Macmillan
By Brenda Dixon Gottschild
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Title: Marion Cuyjet and Her Judimar School of Dance: Training Ballerinas in Black Philadelphia
By Melanye White Dixon
Not available for purchase however you can request it be added to your local Library: 1945-1971, 2011      Mellen Press 716-754-2788

The Legacy of Black Philadelphia’s Dance Institutions and the Educators Who Built the Tradition

M White-Dixon – Dance Research Journal, 1991 – cambridge.org
Abstract Cultural arts institutions have played a significant role in the life of Black
Philadelphians since the 1920s. Such organizations as the Philadelphia Concert Orchestra,
Dra Mu Opera Company, and Heritage House (Visual and Performing Arts Center) were
Title: Black Women in America
By Melanye White Dixon
Sage Publications
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Title: Dancing Spirit an Autobiography
By Judith Jamison with Howard Kaplan
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Title: Dancing Many Drums: Excavations in African American Dance (Studies in Dance History)
By Thomas F. DeFrantz
UW Press
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Title: Black Ballerina (documentary)
Shirley Road Productions

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