The Corona Chronicles Ep.4 Nikisha Fogo

April 7, 2020

This my third week I traded in my ticket on the emotional rollercoaster that is the corona pandemic. I rode the highs lows… I share with you my lows and my interview with Black Ballerina Nikisha Fogo what an incredible high! Fogo is a first soloist with Vienna State Ballet, having been promoted just about two years ago. For those who follow me know that I am an avid supporter of her, and in fact penned Dance Magazine’s (Aug, 2019) “One the Rise” were I got a chance to chat with her, and was please to learn how sweet and humble the Jamaican Swede is. I was pleased to find that she was safely ensconced in her home in Vienna. We talked about a slew of things… the “rona”, the dance world, her technique, artistic process, and what’s next for her after we successfully defeat this virus. *Note there was so much to this episode there are a lot of edits, and because we do this via Zoom Or Skype… there were some technical glitches.., so bear with it she is well worth it!

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