Beryl Thornton

Capitol Ballet

[Photo unavailable]

While a member of the Capitol Ballet, Beryl Thornton performed in Doris W. Jones’ The Mendelssohn Suite alongside Theressa Cassese, Robin Blair, and Laura Fitz. The Tennessean declared that it was “very well danced,” and the performance, part of the Southeastern Regional Ballet Festival, took place on April 22, 1970 at the Henderson A. Johnson Gymnasium of Fisk University. It is not known if Thornton performed elsewhere or with the company on other occasions. 

Note: It is not definite that Beryl Thornton was Black as we have no photographic or written evidence, but based on her status as a member of a historically Black company, she has been included in MoBBallet’s Roll Call. 


‘Admirable’ Top Word For Ballet, The Tennessean

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