Nathaniel Orr

Dance Theatre of Harlem
Andre Eglepsky Ballet
Alvin Ailey American Dance TheaterĀ 
Rockville Ballet (1986)
Washington Ballet (1987)
Capitol Ballet (1988)

Photo via The American Eagle, 1987

Nathaniel Orr was raised in York, Pennsylvania and started dancing professionally in 1976. Though Orr was athletic as a child, he did not consider professional dance until attending South Eastern University (formerly Westchester State University).

After moving to New York to pursue this career, Orr was accepted into the Dance Theatre of Harlem school and The Ailey School and attended the former, eventually dancing with the main company. Following an injury and recovering, he served as a rehearsal director for the Walter Nix Company. He has also been a member of the Andre Eglepsky Ballet Company, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Rockville Ballet, Washington Ballet, and the Capitol Ballet.

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