Ward Flemyng

Ballet Americana/New York Negro Ballet: Founder, Dancer

Born in Detroit, Ward Flemyng was one of the six original members of an undefined group that studied under Maria Nevelska, former member of Bolshoi Ballet. Flemyng also studied with Nicholas Tsouklas and at the San Fransisco School of Ballet. Thereafter he received a scholarship to study in New York at the Katherine Dunham School. While in New York, he studied with Sonia Woicikowska at Ballet Arts. He would later have the motivation to find funding for the New York Negro Ballet and thus became its co-founder in 1954, alongside Thelma Hill. After having a career with New York Negro Ballet, Flemyng lived in Europe, performing in musicals, at nightclubs, and on television in Germany, France, Belgium, and Italy. He also choreographed several shows, including Carmen Jones which toured Germany and Switzerland.

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