(re:)claiming ballet Edited by Adesola Akinleye Intellect Books

Chapter 9: Dance Theatre of Harlem’s radicalization of ballet in 1970s & 1980s – Theresa Ruth Howard  


Nikisha Fogo Is The New Frontier

Meet Imani Sailers, the Rising Nashville Ballet Dancer Advocating for Black

What the Reactions to Debora Chase-Hicks’ Death Revealed About Divisions in the Dance World

What Makes It So Difficult to Diversify Ballet Faculties?

Tokenism vs. Representation: How Can We Tell Them Apart?

COVER: Carlos Acosta Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop June 2020/ Carlos Acosta is Shaking up Ballet’s Tradition May11, 2020

(response to Covid 19)

An Open Letter to the Dance Community: Stay Strong—the Light Comes with the Dawn

Where Are Our Singers of Color? Aug 5, 2019

Has Coronavirus Turned Instagram Into What It Actually Should Be?

The Kinesthetic Multilingualism of Nikisha Fogo, Vienna State Ballet First Soloist

COVER: What Dance Theatre of Harlem Means Today

Nashville Ballet’s New Full-Length Shows What Inclusion in Ballet Could Look Like

Arthur Mitchell’s Memorial Was Both A Homegoing & A Homecoming

Is Classical Ballet Ready to Embrace Flesh-Tone Tights?

Give, Take, Show: Remembering Arthur Mitchell

Is Instagram Changing The Dance World’s Value System? July, 16 2018

Joffrey Ballet Puts Choreographers Of Color In The Spotlight

A Dancer’s Take on “This is America”: Is The Dance A Distraction Or Something Deeper?

How Kyle Abraham Feels About Being NYCB’s First Black Choreographer in More Than a Decade May 02, 2018

Dada Masilo’s Alternative Giselle Joins The #TimesUp Movement April 09, 2018

COVER: Don’t Dare Underestimate Camille A. Brown March 19, 2018

Dance Theatre of Harlem was My Wakanda March 5, 2018

Inside IABD’s New Ballet Audition for Men of Color February 20, 2018

A Radical Reimagining of Ballet in 2018

‘Tis the Season for Black Claras

Op-Ed: Why We Need To Confront Bias in Dance Criticism

How SAB Is Working To Fix NYCB’s Diversity Problem

Op-Ed: Is Ballet “Brown Bagging” It?

Diversity Is the New Black

Rant & Rave: And Now a Word From the Darker Side

Camille A. Brown’s BLACK GIRL:LINGUISTIC PLAY presented at the Joyce Theater

IABD’s First Ever Ballet Audition For Women of Color: A step in a New Direction

The Misty-rious Case of the Vanishing Ballerinas of Color: Where have all the Others Gone?

And Now A Word From the Darker Side- Rant & Rave

What is in a Name?


Learn To Love Your Body – dancemagazine

An Open Letter to My Body

Black-a-Rina: Body of Mind


B.Motion CONNECTS with Peggy Olislaegers & Theresa Ruth Howard Aug 26, 2020

Creative Vitality Jam Sessions with Helen Pickett Jul 15, 2020

PNB is Listening – Episode One Jun 18, 2020

Episode 29 | #TheresaRuthHoward – MoBBallet Feb 19, 2020

Ready for change | Royal Academy of Dance Oct 7, 2020

Museum at FIT Ballerina: Fashion’s Modern Muse Symposium 2020 (New York, NY USA)

Pillow Voices:

Dance Theater of Harlem: An Homage To The Work Of Arthur Mitchell

Young Talent Festival: The Royal Ballet School 2019 (London, UK)

KEYNOTE: Exposure, Access and Opportunity: Exploring the Cultural Barriers to Ballet Training

Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival Post Talk: David Roussève (Becket MA, USA)

Scholar in Residence 2020

Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival Post Talk: Dance Theatre of Harlem 2020 (Becket MA, USA)

Scholar in Residence 2020

Dutch National Ballet Positioning Ballet Conference  2017 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

KEYNOTE: Deconstructing the Anatomy of Culture and Leadership in Ballet

Dutch National Ballet Positioning Ballet Conference  2015 (Amsterdam,Netherlands )

KEYNOTE: Blacks in Ballet: We are not Unicorns


Pacific NorthWest Ballet: Beyond Ballet a Town Hall 2017 (Seattle, WA USA)




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