Judith Jamison and Mel Tomlinson

Click above to see Judith Jamison in Mel Tomlinson Orbit.

Judith Jamison performed Pas de Duke with Tomlinson in 1976, soon after he joined Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Tomlinson was a part of Alvin Ailey’s company for two years, but this was one of his more memorable performances. The piece is supposed to show the differences between ballet and modern while having the two dancers in a sort of playful competition. According to the New York Amsterdam News, Tomlinson said that he admired Jamison as a role model and continued to follow her career after they parted ways at Alvin Ailey. One of Tomlinson’s motivations for joining to company was the fact that he would have the chance to partner Jamison. He remembers that Jamison kept him in the moment when they danced together, as she challenged him often by dancing circles around him. Tomlinson was with AAADT for a year and enjoyed dancing alongside Jamison.


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