Sylvester Campbell and Bernard Stanley

Bernard Stanley joined the Dutch National Ballet during Campbell’s 10-year tenure with the company. Campbell helped bring Stanley and Raven Wilkinson to the company. It is unclear if Campbell and Stanley ever worked or performed together during their shared time at the Dutch National Ballet. However, Campbell was a great supporter of Stanley and admired his talent as a dancer. They both left the company in 1970.

More about Bernard Stanley

It is not known where Bernard Stanley was born, raised, or trained. He danced with the Dutch National Ballet from 1966 to 1970 after Campbell helped recruit him. Stanley most likely performed in the company’s production of Romeo and Julia, but there are no other records of his repertoire. It is thought that he left the company in 1970 to join Roland Petit’s company, where he would dance with Zizi Jeanmaire. 


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