Yvonne Miller

First Negro Classic Ballet

Miller with Theodore Crum in Cinderella. Photo courtesy of the Huntington Library, Joseph Rickard Papers.
 Yvonne Miller was a star of the First Negro Classic Ballet, as well as being one of seven directors of the company. Miller’s repertoire with the company included Harlot’s House (1949), Pagliacci (1949), Cinderella (1948), Little China Figure (1948), Bach’s Variations Classique, Landscape, and Symphonic Etudes (1948). Miller, along with her fellow dancers, was praised for “executing magnificently the classic ballet interpolations” in a December 1949 performance.
Yvonne Miller, Ted Crum, and Roberta Rhinehart, the Joseph Rickard Papers. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
From left to right: Roberta Rhinehart, Theodore Duncan, and Yvonne Miller. 

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