Roman Brooks

Dance Theatre of Harlem
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Brooks by photographer Jack Mitchell, 1975.

Roman Brooks was a member of Dance Theatre of Harlem and Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Brooks’ repertoire with DTH included Geoffrey Holder’s Dougla (1974), Talley Beatty’s Caravanserai (1974), Walter RainesAfter Corinth (1975), William Dollar’s The Combat (1975), Royston Maldoom’s Adagietto No. 5 (1976), Arthur Mitchell’s Breezin’ (1977), and Louis Johnson’s Forces of Rhythm. With Ailey, he performed roles in Lester Horton’s The Beloved , Todd Bolender’s The Still Point, and Alvin Ailey’s The River, among others. In a 1981 New York Times article, critic Jennifer Dunning described Brooks as “a dancer with a long, lyrical ballet line and a quiet, inborn grandeur.” New York Magazine critic Tobi Tobias called Brooks “particularly noticeable for his gentle dignity” in a 1980 Ailey performance.









Brooks with William Scott, Homer Bryant, and Samuel Smalls in Louis Johnson’s Forces of Rhythm.



Brooks with Donna Wood in Todd Bolender’s The Still Point.










Arthur Mitchell's Rhythmetron
Brooks with Virginia Johnson in Rhythmetron.















BELOVED - Prof. Gayle McKinney Griffith & Roman Brooks
Brooks with Prof. Gayle McKinney Griffith in The Beloved.












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